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About Us

A vertebral fracture occurs somewhere in the world every 22 seconds. Vertebral fractures play an important and little known role in back pain, and 100,000 patients suffer from it each year in France. However, only one in three vertebral fractures are clinically diagnosed [1].

Vexim is a specialist in the design and sale of minimally invasive solutions for the treatment of traumatic spine pathologies (low and high energy).


Based in Balma, near Toulouse, Vexim is an innovative company in the medical devices field, created and founded in 2006 by the investment fund Truffle Capital.


Since October 24th, 2017, Vexim is part of Stryker.

Our Mission: To provide both physicians and patients with best in class mini open single use treatment options.

Vexim is a French start-up that has quickly gained recognition among leaders in its activity sector and one of the solutions developed by Vexim is a major innovation: SpineJack®. This innovative medical device treats vertebral fractures using minimally invasive surgery through an implant capable of returning a vertebra to its original shape and restoring spinal cord anatomy.


This medical device, which is based on cutting-edge technology, was envisioned both for the health benefits provided to patients and for its  practical nature and ease of use for clinicians:


Patient benefits

    • Rapid reduction in pain [2]
    • Short hospitalisation period: patients are back home within 2 to 3 days on average [3, 4]
    • Rapid return to and take-up of everyday activities: work, sports, etc.
    • Recovery of sagittal balance of the spinal cord [5]

Benefits for clinicians

    • A device enabling a high level of precision and a reliable and immediate result [6]
    • A simple medical procedure and quick learning curve for use of SpineJack®
    • Minimally invasive surgical procedure and a totally sterile, single use system

Vexim has also developed Masterflow™, an integrated system for the mixing and injection of orthopaedic cement, improving the accuracy of and optimising the surgical procedure.
Vexim also sells two orthopaedic cements: Cohesion® Bone Cement and Interface™ Bone Fixation Composite.


From 2011, the figures speak for themselves on the success of Vexim:



And Vexim’s ambition does not stop there as its CEO, Vincent Gardès, is determined to release SpineJack® on the US market in 2018, and seeks to capture 10% of the global market and attain a turnover of Eur 100 million within 5 years.


Vexim is backed financially by its shareholders: Truffle Capital, BPI (Banque Public d’Investissement), Kreaxi (formally Banexi Ventures Partners).

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Scientific & Clinical Communication
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