The SpineJack® procedure is intended for internal fracture reduction and fixation directly within the injured vertebral body.

To surgically reduce these vertebral body fractures created by compression forces, the SpineJack® deploys in a controlled cranio-caudal way, leading to a fracture reduction, while preserving the surrounding bone trabeculae.


Once the fracture has been reduced, the SpineJack® maintains the restoration of the fracture. To secure the reduction achieved in the long term, internal fixation is performed by the injection of Vexim Biomaterials.


That’s the whole philosophy of the SpineJack®: providing anatomical restoration.

SpineJack® features:



Indication: The SpineJack® system is indicated for use in the reduction of mobile spinal fractures that may result from osteoporosis, trauma fractures types A according to the Magerl classification and malignant lesions myeloma or osteolitic metastasis.
The SpineJack® system is intended to be used in combination with validated bone cement, and to be placed, using a transpedicular approach, through a vertebra pedicle with a minimum internal diameter, as verified with a pre-operative CT scan.


The SpineJack® technique is well documented in published studies in highly respected scientific journals with focus in all type of indications leading to vertebral fractures.



Anatomical reduction means restoration of the geometry of the whole vertebral body, that is, the cortical rings and endplates

Anatomical restoration proof of concept


The 3D-mapping software uses CT scans and leading-edge technology to evaluate anatomical restoration.


These images are taken using a 1mm Scan cut both pre-op and post-op.



3D Mapping view 2



We make this software available to you, so feel free to contact us / 3D Mapping.





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